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Folding Board (31008)

Product Name: Folding Board (31008)
Model NO.: 31008
Origin: CHINA
Packing: CTN
Minimum Order: 200PCS
Supply Ability: 5000PCS PER MONTH

Folding board is very suitable for meeting room and school.
1. Multi-function and board mixed.
2. Middle part is mark board. Marker surface can be whiteboard, blackboard or green board, magnetic or
non-magnetic for choose.
3. 2 wings boards can be offer with fabric, cork or magnetic surface. Double side or single side for choose.
Extend for large scale.
4. 3 Popular size:
1). SF-NH-CBA009 small size: Basic board 90x60cm,2 wing boards 45x60cm
2). SF-NH-CBA009 middle size:Basic board: 120x90cm, 2 wing boards:60x90cm
3). SF-NH-CBA009 large size:Basic board: 150x100cm, 2 wing boards:75x100cm

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